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Long Arm Quilting

We use two Bernina Longarms in the shop...a 12 ft. Bernina Q20 Longarm & a 14 ft. Bernina Q24 for our quilting here at FORK MTN QUILTING. We also utilize Q-Matic computers to automate the process as well as giving us the ability to quilt many different and intricate design patterns to meet your needs.
You've finished your beautiful quilt top...Now what? Let us help you complete your masterpiece and give it the finishing touch it deserves. Just send your quilt top to us (if local we can arrange pickup) and we'll send it back to you, perfectly finished.


Pricing Structure:??

Machine Quilting

  • Edge to Edge (E2E)         $0.025 /sq. in.

  • Minimum Charge           $45.00


  • Option 1                          $0.15 /in

           - Trimming Quilt, making the binding, sewing to front, customer will sew other side later.?

  • Option 2                          $0.25 /in

            - Trimming Quilt, making the binding, machine? quilting to one side and hand sewing to the back.

Important Info to keep in mind:

Quilt Top

  • Give a final pressing from the front to the whole top just before sending it for quilting to be sure no pleats or tucks are pressed in.

  • Secure all seams, especially along the edges.

  • Remove all loose threads from the back and front of the quilt.

  • Mark the TOP of your quilt by pinning a slip of paper labeled "TOP" on that part of the quilt. (If Directional)

Quilt Backing

  • 100% cotton is generally preferred

  • Remove all selvages

  • Use 1/2 inch seam allowances, for stability, if piecing the backing.

  • Cut your backing and batting at least 8" wider and longer than your quilt top. (4" larger on each side)  Example - 60"x80" quilt top needs a back and batting that is 68"x88".

  • Mark the TOP of the backing on the right side so any seams on the back or directional backing will be oriented the way you wish in relation to the "TOP" of the quilt.


?We prefer to use quality batting such as Quilter's Dream or Hobbs however, you are welcome to provide your batting as long as it is specifically labeled as "suitable for machine quilting". 

You can buy only what you need by purchasing batting by the linear inch from us!