Quilt Intake Form

Longarm Quilting Intake Form

Quilt Measurements:   Width: _________Length: __________

 Name: _______________________________Date Needed: ____________________


New Customer?  Yes   No (circle one)  Referred by ______________________________

Circle one:  Dropped off        Shipped

What edge to edge design are you looking for? __________________________________________________

What color of thread?  ______________________________________________________________________

Batting:  Are you providing the batting?   Yes or No       

If no, would you prefer-  Cotton or Polyester

Additional services:  Circle any services that you would like me to include: 

☐  Piece Backing-  $12 per seam               

☐  Pressing your quilt top $35/hour

☐  Binding Opt 1. Machine sewing to front .15 per inch

☐  Binding Opt 2.  Machine sewing to both sides .25 per inch

☐  Binding Opt 3.  Machine sewing to front and hand stich to back .30 per inch

☐  Attaching a label to back $10

Fork Mtn Quilting will perform the quilting service as described above.  I understand that Fork Mtn Quilting will not be responsible for any damages during shipping (if required). I give permission for photographs of the quilt to be placed on the Fork Mtn Quilting website and used for promotional purposes.  If this quilt is entered in any shows, I will give credit to Melissa and Todd Cassell of Fork Mtn Quilting for the quilting and notify us of any awards received. 

Customer Signature:  ____________________________             Date: ______________

Fork Mtn Quilting Signature: _______________________            Date: ______________

Payment due in full when quilt is picked up or before shipping:  Credit Card or Cash Payments

Longarm Quilting Intake Form

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