T-Shirt Quilts

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Do you have old T-Shirts just lying around collecting dust?  I bet these shirts have memories of vacations, schools, concerts, sports and other activities or events.  You can turn these unused shirts into a quilted memory and keepsake that can be enjoyed for years to come.

These shirts will be made into a custom quilt that is ready for you to enjoy.  You only need to provide us clean T-Shirts and we will do the rest, using only quality fabrics and batting.  The price is based on the size and number of shirts you want to include.  

Give us a call or send a message, gather up your T-Shirts, and let us create a lasting memory and keepsake for you! 


Quilts will take approximately 1-2 weeks to complete.

The size of your T-Shirt Quilt depends on the number of T's you provide.  The size of the shirt graphics will determine the size of the blocks in the quilt.  14 inches is the largest graphic to prevent losing any of the image in the cutting and sewing.  The most common layout is a traditional straight set vs. the variable layout (see diagrams and photos below). 

The variable layout will require lots more shirts than the traditional layout.  Most teenager and adult shirts will use the 14" block and grade school shirts fall into the 12" block.  Some shirts have a very small chest logo and if there are multiple shirts like this, it is better to use 4 shirts to create one block.  If you have a large number of shirts you'd like to use, then a variable layout is the best way to utilize the most shirts, especially if you have a mixture of small to large designs on the shirts.

PRICING:  $12 per shirt, this includes everything - you simply provide the shirts and we will do all the work.  Large outer border extra.  

Traditional block layout with sashing between shirts (based on a 14" shirt block):

12 Shirts               Throw or Lap Size

16 Shirts               Square Throw

20 Shirts               Twin

25 Shirts               Full 5x5 Square

30 Shirts               Full/Queen 5x6

36 Shirts               Queen 6x6 Square

42 Shirts               King 7x6

3x4 T-Shirt Quilt Layout - Conventional.
Traditional Style
3x4 T-Shirt Quilt Layout - Variable.gif
Variable Style

Above sizes are estimates and do not include additional outer borders. Adding an outer border could increase the size by 6-10" depending on your preference.  Additional fees will be based on size and number of borders added and any shirts that may need piecing together.  The minimum charge for adding additional borders is $25.